Martha Montelongo’s latest radio show featured a new book about the City of Industry

BooksQA.Valle.Cover_thumbRuss Weymire, Grower, Farmer, Board Member and co-founder of Families Protecting the Valley, on the water crisis of the Central Valley, the politics, the billions of dollars and bonds voters will vote on next Nov. There is corruption of Bay Area elected officials and they are abetted by the State Legislature in acts that destroy the economy of the Central Valley in the name of a drought, that is hardly a drought, and in the name of protecting an allegedly endangered fish.

Victor Valle, who more than two decades ago, won a Pulitzer-Prize for his journalism as an investigative reporter, is currently a Professor of Ethnic Studies at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, talks about the movers and shakers, the agents of Redevelopment, who amass power and fortune in partnership between state and local government officials, and the well connected, privileged developers who lord over Southern California. The book, City of Industry–Genealogies of Power in Southern California is a product of his rich, revealing historical investigative research and reporting. It’s a who’s who of power, land deals, and Redevelopment from the 20s to the present, delivered with the flavor of film and story of the movie, Chinatown and the old Film Noirs of the 30s and 40s.
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