Joseph Cao: The ONLY Republican that said “YES” to health care reform


Congressman Cao pictured with his family.

Republican Representative, Joseph Cao, serving Lousiana’s 2nd district, was the ONLY REPUBLICAN to cross party lines and vote YES on the House’s health care reform package.  The House bill garnered 219 Democrat votes and one from Republican Joseph Cao of Louisiana. Opposing votes included 176 Republicans and 39 Democrats.

If you feel like giving Cao a piece of your mind – either pro or con on his move- do not bother to call his office (202) 225-6636- his voice mail is FULL!    Is this a smart move on his part or a ticket to the end of his political career?    I think it was a brilliant political move and will ensure his future success.

Joseph Cao made a big statement by voting in support of HR 3962. Joseph Cao became the only Republican to vote in support of the House health care bill, and it could place him in hot water with his party very soon. Joseph Cao is Louisiana Representative in the House, and one of 177 Republicans that are part of the House of Representatives. On Saturday night, 176 Republicans voted against the House health care bill, but Joseph Cao decided to vote in favor of it. By crossing party lines, Representative Anh “Joseph” Cao may have shown his hand, but he may also be doing exactly what his district wants of him.

Rep. Joseph Cao may be a Republican member of the House, but he is also from a very Democratic district of New Orleans. Keeping that in mind, he could have been voting for what they wanted, or he may have seen this as an opportunity to really curry some favor with President Obama.

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Sources say that President Obama had already contacted Cao and that the two of them would be working to address the critical state of health care in Louisiana. From that stand point, it makes perfect sense for Cao to support a House Resolution that would bring direct benefits to his home.

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