Bill Hunt shows his true colors by teaming up with racist Joe Arpaio

Joe Arpaio is a racist hater

Folks in Arizona know that Joe Arpaio is a racist, corrupt pig who wastes money and undermines liberty

I am not a big fan of Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens, but I will not vote for her Republican opponent, Bill Hunt.  For one thing, he was once one of former Sheriff Mike Carona’s “boys.”   He even ran interference when corrupt Assistant Sheriff Don Haidl’s kid was arrested for marijuana possession, while driving.

Hunt later ran against Carona, when he found out that Carona was under federal investigation.  Carona later disciplined him and demoted him, for using department resources, ie a photocopier, for his campaign.  Hunt later resigned after being transferred to patrol the City of Stanton.

Today, Hunt is showing his true colors again as he once more runs for Sheriff.  He is bringing in corrupt Mexican hating Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who has been dubbed “Arpayaso” (payaso means clown in Spanish) by our friends at the OC Weekly, to campaign for him.

Joe Arpaio KKK

Arpaio will be visting Orange County on November 5th, for a reception to raise money for Hunt’s campaign.  For the record, Carona was a huge fan of Arpaio, according to a media insider I know.  It figures that Hunt would model himself after the same crooked hater.

Here is how Tony Saavedra at the Total Buzz described Arpaio in a recent post:

He’s the kind of sheriff  who hunts down illegal immigrants with such enthusiasm that federal government officials personally ordered him to stop.

He’s the kind of sheriff  who drags his feet on requests for public records and is constantly at the center of national controversy when it comes to civil rights, be it for making inmates sleep in tents, work on chain gangs or wear pink underwear.

And here is Gustavo Arellano’s reaction over at the OC Weekly:

We will give Bill credit for his knowledge of Orange County, because only in this damned place will you find as much blind support for Nickel Bag Joe as the Phoenix area, where the hatred of wabs trumps everything, even a corrupt, Constitution-hating pendejo like Arpayaso. Wait a minute: unqualified support by most conservatives for a wretch? Hey, Mike Carona: where are you?

Click here to learn why the OC Weekly calls Arpaio “wasteful and moronic.”  Click here to learn more about what a corrupt pig Arpaio is.  And click here to learn about the blood on his hands.

Bill Hunt ready to hunt immigrants

Bill Hunt is looking forward to hunting down immigrants

If you want to go see Hunt pal around with Arpaio, here is more info about his upcoming reception:

Bill Hunt for Orange County Sheriff
Thursday, November 5, 2009
The Phoenix Club
1340 S Sanderson Ave
Anaheim, CA 92806
5:30-7:30 P.M.

5:30 – 6:00 Sponsor and VIP Reception 6:00 – 7:00 Program 7:00 – 7:30 Photo Opportunities$50

Sheriff Joe Arpaio: Pink Underwear,Tent City: “The Vacancy Sign is Always on at the Arpaio Inn.” Sheriff Joe is a law enforcement innovator who earned national recognition for his cost saving solutions to the problems facing modern Departments.

$99 Posse Supporter
1 program ticket arrive 6:00
$150 Marshall Supporter
1 program ticket and 1 photo with Sheriff Arpaio arrive 6:00
$1,000 Ranger Sponsor
Table sponsor, 10 tickets and premier seating for program, 2 VIP reception tickets and 2 photos with Sheriff Arpaio arrive 5:30

RSVP online by November 1, 2009

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