“A three-letter word: jobs. J-O-B-S”


It seems like the Vice-Presidential motorcade is as nutter as he is. The man who thinks JOBS is a three letter word has a Presidential detail that has been involved in THREE accidents in the last two weeks.

On November 11, a taxpayer was struck and killed by two of Bidens Secret Service employees in Temple Hills, MD. In Albuquerque on Monday, a sheriffs deputy with the motorcade was struck by a driver because they couldn’t properly control the intersection they were blocking. Biden was on his way to speak at a fundraiser for New Mexico Democrats. Then on Wednesday, Bidens detail was driving down 49th street in New York when they slammed into the back of a cab. News reports conflict whether Biden was in the motorcade at the time. Perhaps his detail couldn’t find him any better than they could find their way through traffic.

Now, all that aside, I don’t want anything to change. I know Democrats all turned to each other when Biden was announced as VP and said “Well, that’ll keep the right-wing from wanting to get rid of Barack. They love their country too much to want to see it run by Joe Biden.” I just think maybe the Vice Presidents office should have its drivers license revoked. Keep him and his reckless crowd on the grounds of the Naval Observatory. He can’t do any good, and at least there he can’t do any harm.

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