Will Samoa become President Obama’s New Orleans?

When hurricane Katrina devastated our gulf coast and especially New Orleans in August of 2005 there was an outcry from the liberal media and leading Democrats accusing President Bush of not deploying federal disaster assistance resources fast enough and big enough. Perhaps the most memorable statement at the time was the criticism of New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagen when he said “we were waiting for the cavalry, and the cavalry never came.”

Of course, those who know about disaster preparedness and the role of local, state and federal government know that it is the locals and states who are supposed to provide the calvary – the forces for an immediate response. But, never mind – the President was roundly criticized.

Fast forward to September 30, 2009 when an earthquake caused Tsunami swept into Samoa and American Samoa, causing extensive damage and over 100 dead and destroying critical infrastructure. Where are the cries for our President to do something? Where is the criticism?

Perhaps the criticism will come, focused on the fact that the President and his wife as well as Oprah Winfrey and many past Olympic Champions are presently in Denmark, not American Samoa. They are there to make a pitch to the Olympic Committee to pick Chicago for the 2016 Olympics.

Will people begin to question where the President is when the people of American Samoa need help? If so, will the liberal media report that such criticism exists? Obama could divert such potential criticism by taking Air Force 1 to Samoa to survey the situation. Will he see the wisdom in doing that?

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A retired Orange County employee, and moderate Republican. The editor seriously does not know OBNO's identity as did not the former editor, but his point of view is obviously interesting and valued.