Who is Richard Faher?

Richard Faher's backyard

Assembly candidate Richard Faher’s backyard is a real mess!

Who is Richard Faher?  We know he is an unknown Republican running for the 72nd Assembly District, and that he is a software consultant who lives in Placentia.  That’s it!  This guy is a total enigma.

I found this paragraph, written by Faher, in an O.C. Register article about people who wanted to win a contest to improve their backyards:

My back yard is what I call an “Al Gore” approved back yard. No sprinkler system. No grass, just dirt. And the pine tree in the picture has no limbs. It is just a stub. I didn’t want it giving off any carbon dioxide. This yard needs help!!!

Richard Faher back in the day

Faher, way back in the day, as pictured in classmates.com

He has no Linked In, Facebook or Plaxo pages. 

If I had to guess I would bet that Faher was put up as a candidate by the Linda Ackerman campaign, to dilute the male vote and hurt her opponent, Supervisor Chris Norby.

Richard Faher

Faher today, as pictured in the O.C. Register

Check this out.  Faher mentions a campaign website in his candidate’s statement.  But the website is not up.  How can we take this guy seriously when he cannot even bother to put up his website?

He does however appear to be more qualified for the Assembly than Ackerman is.  Faher has a college degree, while Ackerman appears to have not finished college.  Here is Faher’s bio, from his candidate’s statement:

I am a college graduate, having earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Central Michigan University with a major in Management Information Systems and a minor in Accounting. I have over twenty-five years work experience as a software application consultant in the private sector.

Faher claims he does not know Ackerman.  “He said the first time he spoke to Linda Ackerman was at the Registrar of Voters Office that Friday,” according to the Total Buzz blog.

It may well be that Faher doesn’t know her.  A friend of mine thinks that a friend of the Ackermans recruited Faher.  That makes a lot of sense.  Perhaps the Ackermans will pay to fix Faher’s backyard after the election…

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