Vern Nelson is back!

Vern Nelson

Good news Orange Juice readers!  Our blogger Vern Nelson is back at last!  He has been submitting a few posts of late via a friend, but he is now back in our midst and we are going to welcome him back on Thursday evening, at the Memphis Restaurant in downtown Santa Ana, at 7:30 pm.

That is of course the same evening that the blue guys in town get together for their Drinking Liberally get-together.  Since Vern is a Dem too, I think that will work out just fine. In fact, I hope to see a lot of our Orange Juice readers on Thursday evening. 

Vern brings so much to this blog.  He is a much better writer than I am – and he is a world-class pianist too.  While I am a Libertarian, and Vern and I agree on a lot of things, he is a classic, unabashed liberal.  He is the oil to Terry Crowley’s water! 

The Memphis is located in the Santora Building, at 201 North Broadway, just south of 3rd St.  There is a parking structure nearby, on Third St.  Bring an appetite – the Memphis has great food and a fun atmosphere…

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