Ted Kennedy was a traitor and Sarah Palin’s right


You gotta love a woman who says

“You know what frustrates the Left? When they have every single media outlet in their pants, they’ve got control of the White House and Congress, and they still can’t get anything done because they’re idiots and they have no ideas. But they also can’t get anything done because many of them are simply bad people.”

A few choice comments about a woman who found her mind by Leftists bigots, granola bars, and losers. Warning: they are vulgar, as Leftists tend to be with those who disagree…

Tammy is jonesing for a pussy juice cocktail.
It’s a shame that this woman wants to continue holding on to the inbred-hatred she was obviously raised to embrace.  The 56 signators of the US Constitution, slave owners, and hate-mongers like her were and still are all USERS of other people.
 I love Rosie O’donnell. She is very funny… But Tammy would gladly let Rosie eat her snizz.
From the YouTube clip comments section.
Don’t let the Left hide behind the Gay Gestapo. They’re the bigots in society who judge race and sex, and value everything by race and sex. Remember, Tammy was the one who spoke up and said “Hey! OJ Simpson beat his wife!”
And look what the Left did…

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