Santa Ana High School Chemistry teacher speaks out again about dangerous overcrowding

Juan Lopez and SAUSD Superintendent are having fun while their students are in danger…

Santa Ana High School chemistry teacher Gary Reynolds spoke again to the SAUSD school board last week, on Oct. 13, about the response of Asso. Superintendent Juan Lopez to the accusation of dangerous overcrowding of science labs.

Reynolds waited four hours to speak, at around 10 pm, when most folks had gone home, but his comments were recorded and put up on YouTube. (You can see the video above).

That is board member Rob Richardson in the background trying to get Reynolds to stop as he was concluding.

O.C. Register reporter Fermin Leal picked up on Reynold’s earlier talks about this issue, at previous school board meetings, and apparently contacted Juan Lopez, who gave the same response to Leal that Reynolds later called irrational, “If it’s not illegal, it must be safe.”

Click here to see the latest video testimony by Gary Reynolds:

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