Loretta Sanchez Phoning It In

loretta-sanchez-for-governorWhen it comes to the healthcare reform debate, it looks like Loretta Sanchez (CD 47) is phoning it in.  Sanchez is again hiding from opponents of a government healthcare takeover, as she did at her last town hall meeting.  Those interested in the healthcare debate should use this opportunity to share your views with her.

Loretta Sanchez is again hiding from opponents of a government healthcare takeover.  She disguised her July healthcare town hall meeting as a “prayer vigil”.  “As people of faith,” instructed meeting organizers, “It is important that we have respect at all times … We are here to pray, not to protest.” Sanchez, nevertheless, took the opportunity to push her government takeover agenda and attack her Orange County critics.  Even liberal supporters condemned her tactic as “disingenuous and manipulative”.

Loretta Sanchez advocates government takeover of the healthcare industry through a “public option”.  It is easy to see how a “public option” would destroy choice and competition, leaving patients praying to Washington for their children’s healthcare.  For an example, one need look no further than the government’s ongoing intervention in the financial markets.  Bloomberg reported last week that bailout-funded GMAC is using its funding advantage to destroy its competition – causing more bank failures to be paid for by taxpayers.  “The government has created an artificial competitor,” said one bank ratings spokesman, “Every bank in the U.S. is at a disadvantage because our government is picking losers as winners.”  The “public option” will likewise annihilate competition in the healthcare sector.

The phone-in town hall meeting will be Tuesday, October 20, at 6:00 PM (with an additional Spanish-language conference call on Wednesday, october 21, 7:00 PM).  “To participate,” her website instructs, “Constituents should call Rep. Sanchez’s district office at (714) 621-0102 to place their name on our call lists.”  Her website announces that “Constituents will receive an invitation phone call around 6pm PST for Tuesday’s event and around 7pm PST for Wednesday’s event.  To join, all they have to do is stay on the line when they receive the call.”

Interested in healthcare reform but opposed to a government takeover?  Call Loretta Sanchez’s office and get on the call list.  Or try to.  Share your experience with us.

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