Knitting an Afghan!

Global Warming….Global Economy….Global Footprint…Global Socialism…Global Terrorism…..Global Energy Crisis…..Global War on Islamic Separatism!  The list of problems grows….and so does our local unemployment rate!  So does the fault line in local Real Estate  prices.  So does a definitive answer for a search that might yield equitable answers to a suggested National Heathcare program that won’t limit access, choice of procedures and doctors and of course all at an affordable price.  How about limiting the cost of  of prescription drugs?  How about denying Big Pharma tax write-offs for advertising on television?

Back in the 70’s things from Afghanistan became very popular.  Those big Afghan dogs, Black Pakistani/Afghanistani Hash and those long  elegant coverup for ladies called “Afghans”.  All of the above were very expensive for some reason.  Considering, that in the 70’s Afghanistan was much akin to visiting the Himalayas or Tibet.  Distant, far away, exotic, very poor and yet offering expensive items for Western consumption.  It appears that nothing much changes through the years. 

Global Military adventurism seems to know no  bounds.  We put people into Nicoragua, Columbia, Vietnam, Kosovo, the Phillipines, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq and after 2001 – Afghanistan.  Following on the heels of the failed Soviet Empire expansion…our theme song seemed to  be based  on  an old Dolly Parton favorite:  “Here We Come Again!”   Initially, utilizing less than 4000 American Advisors we were able to rally the various Tribal Leaders and Overthrow the Dreaded Taliban/Al Qaeda folks and install our very own Western type leader: Hamid Karzai!  A well spoken, Western educated guy…..that had lots of connection back home in Kabul and even a few realitives to help him along.  All seemed well – then what?  Vietnam Junior suddenly raised  a Spectre of strange alliances, Poppy Wars, tribal feuds, organized crime, gangster threats and  pay-offs, double dealing,  5th Column activities, IED’s,  Democratic rule by day –  Taliban rule by night!  Continuous Cross Border Attacks!  Corrupt Government Officials!  The list goes on and on and is really nothing new.  Welcome to Vietnam Junior!

The current desire of US Military leaders to add troups….sounds strangely familiar.  In the movie “Full Metal Jacket”……”Yes, we got a directive from above….’search and destroy’ has been changed to ‘sweep and  clear’.  Sweep and Clear!”  Unmanned attack aircraft like Global Hawk and the Reaper have transformed “Air Power”….all being operated out of locations in Las Vegas and Missouri.  Taking out a group of Taliban/Al-Qaeda IED  operators seemed so clean and surgical…until these brilliant bad guys started bringing their wives and kids with them to build roadside bombs.

The Afghan/Pakistani quilt is dark, complex, based on sweat labor, based on twisting the truth, misidentifying the enemy and making the price of occupation very expensive.  They learned all of this during the Soviet Occupation.  They learned it from us.  We supplied the used AK-47’s, M-16’s and RPGs!  We paid off those that would play our game for a week or two…..then switch sides.  We didn’t really care back then…..we had no US troop there then!  Today we do! 

As Chevron, Union, Texaco and Shell Oil all clamor for pipeline connections….they are demanding a NATO/US presence there to keep those “pay-offs”  for Local Tribal Drug Lords to stay open and available.  This is all big money and the cost in body bags and blood is just plain “part of doing business”!  It’s a hard world and we just need to keep cheap oil available for those emerging new markets of China and someday India!  Hey, when you have a prospective market of soon 3 Billion people…you could be talking “real money” even if you are only selling that oil for 50 cents a gallon and making a profit of half of that.

The US is sending about 20,000 new troops to Afghanistan in the coming few months.  Why?  More targets, more blood, ours!  In the words of General George S. Patton: “Our job is not to die…..our job is to make sure that the other unlucky bastard dies!”  Propping up Karzai….his ilk and continuing the “business as usual” process in Afghanistan is crazy!  Let us get out now and let Pakistan take care of everything.  We can send money….isn’t that all they want anyway?  Why?  Because the ISI is already are running the show.  These duplicitous nasty dudes are supplying guns and funds to their transiting Taliban/Al-Qaeda….or whoever they are. Some live in Pakistan…some live in Afghanistan and all are laughing all the way to the bank.   Since we are providing funds to both sides……we continue the Vietnam process of supporting both sides and killing our own guys.

Time to let someone else knit our Afghans!  Maybe, Wal-mart will start carrying those things in time for Christmas.   Time to remove ourselves from those pipeline wars and let all the Poppy people perish……..when we unload our old “Agent Orange” supply, currently being stored in some mountain in Colorado!  It is time to let someone else be the “bad guys”!  America has done it long enough…thank you!  Our “Predator Drones” or “Global Hawks”  need to be working day and night dropping Agent Orange on those Poppy fields.  Then let the tribal leaders cry the blues for a few years.  What is great is….we don’t even have to drop nukes!   Modern technology…..ain’t it wonderful?  Let those “misidentified enemies” use those IED’s for their own……not our guys!

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