Breaking news – Gavin Newsom quits Governor’s race!

Gavin Newsom Sucks

KABC news is reporting this evening that San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom has quit his bid for the Democratic nomination for Governor. The report states that Attorney General and former Governor Jerry Brown has an insurmountable lead, running some 20% ahead of Newsom in the polls.

It was also reported that Newsom found out that he had no appeal to voters outside his San Francisco constituency. This would seem to mean that a Liberal Democrat is not what the public sees as representative of their views.

Former President Clinton endorsed Newsom a few weeks ago amidst reports that he has a long-standing dislike for Brown and that his endorsement was as much a shot at Brown as it was an embracing of Newsom.

Presumably Brown has a smile on his face, and Clinton a grimace, as this latest episode has played out.  It is getting trick to figure out just who is releavant these days.

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