Beth Krom losing money race amongst ‘Real People’

The closer one looks at Beth Krom’s fundraising fail for her run against Irvine Congress critter John Campbell, the darker it looks for the Krom-ulans.  Beth put a brave spin on her third quarter fundraising debacle when she told the The Register “while Campbell raised nearly half his money – $177,313, from PACs,  [Krom] raised all but $15,896 from real people.’ ”  This statement is true, but dodges large chunks of reality.

First,  Beth isn’t averse to PAC money: she tripled her PAC intake third quarter.  More importantly, Krom’s fundraising is losing even among “real people.”  Beth has raised $194,000 in individual contributions this year, while John has raised $242,000. Krom’s average contributor gave over $500 each, so Beth’s ‘real people’ are apparently  ‘real rich people,’ not an army of small contributors

Campbell's money advantage is very, very real

Campbell's money advantage is very, very real

Speaking of really rich people, John Campbell  overcame Beth’s ‘Real People’ fundraising effort with a flourish of his wrist in late September when he transferred $200,000 to his campaign. Such is the electoral advantage of being the 28th richest member of congress.

Beth’s lackluster fundraising will get her kinds words but little cash during her October 25th to Washington, and Campbell will continue to calmly cruise to re-election like virtually of his fellow incumbent congress critters.

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