10/28/09 72nd Absentee Ballot Totals

At the Registrar of Voters site you can keep track of how many absentee ballots have been mailed in. As of yesterday just a little under 13,000 were returned. Since Wednesday’s counts were significantly lower than Tuesday’s it looks like the hump is past and the majority may have already been cast. It will be interesting to see if the Ackerman, Inc. continues its barrage of junk mail in pursuit of a dwindling number of likely voters.

Here’s hoping they waste a lot of their lobbyist money. And here are the totals:

November 17 , 2009 Statewide Special Election
Raw Count of Vote-by-Mail Ballots Returned

date count
10/21/2009 63
10/22/2009 1,851
10/23/2009 2,441
10/26/2009 3,571
10/27/2009 3,235
10/28/2009 1,746
Total: 12,907

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