Shameless Chuck DeVore wins a bogus straw poll at the CRP convention

Chuck Devore wins bogus straw poll

Chuck DeVore admires himself after winning his own poll

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore handed out paper ballots at this weekend’s California Republican Party convention in Indian Wells.  As one might expect, he then “won” what he referred to as a “CRP Straw Poll, over challenger Carly Fiorina.  Only it wasn’t a CRP straw poll after all – it was his own half-baked effort.

Isn’t straw the same stuff they put in the barn, for the horses to eat and poop on?  That’s about what DeVore’s bogus poll was worth.

To make matters worse, the convention was lightly attended – mostly by red party hacks who don’t represent the majority of California Republicans, much less the total voters.

Even red-faced blogger Jon Fleischman was forced to admit that the poll was bogus.  He wrote in a recent post, “The DeVore for U.S. Senate campaign conducted their own straw poll.  Their campaign printed the ballots.  Their campaign volunteers handed out the ballots to at least those coming out of the convention’s Saturday evening dinner banquet, and completed ballots could be turned in right there — or conveniently for DeVore supporters, right in DeVore’s campaign hospitality suite.”

And here is how Carly Fiorina’s spokeswoman, Beth Miller, summed up DeVore’s straw poll, “Let me get this straight, you want me to comment on a Chuck DeVore straw poll that was conducted in the DeVore hospitality suite on Saturday night with a bunch of college Republicans and a lot of free beer flowing?,” Miller asked, according to CNN.

DeVore’s fellow hack, Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner, also “won” the bogus straw poll, over challenger Meg Whitman.  This might be the only win Poizner will realize as I expect him to get blown out in the primary by Whitman.

And of course Poizner’s campaign staffers were right there with DeVore handing out the paper ballots, while the free beer flowed…

Now if you want to know what REAL polls are saying about Fiorina’s chances against Senator Barbara Boxer, here is an item from today’s San Francischo Chronicle:

Sen. Barbara Boxer might have a race on her hands next year when she comes up for re-election.

Sacramento pollster Jim Moore just did a statewide matchup between Democrat Boxer and her possible GOP rival, former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina.

The results: Boxer, 46 percent – Fiorina, 40 percent.

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