Why did Obama have to “fast track” H.R. 3200 before the August recess?

In my prior report on Congressman Gary Miller’s Town Hall meetings that I covered I failed to mention a remark  from the congressman that was repeated by RUSH on the radio this morning.

We all recall the president pressing members of congress for passage of H.R. 3200, America’s Affordable Health  Choices Act of 2009 prior to the Aug 2009 recess. What was the urgency?

The big question relates to timing. What was the urgency in pressuring members of congress to “fast track” passage of this 1000 page Bill? Members of congress did not have the luxury to thoroughly read and challenge the text when the bill, if passed, would not go into effect until Jan 12, 2013?

Clever. It’s OK to begin cutting $500 billion out of Medicare starting in 2010 but hold off on implementation of the universal health care plan until after the Nov 2012 Presidential election. That approach my fellow readers comes under the political science class covering “political strategy and tactics 101”.

This intentional implementation delay precludes the public and private sector from experiencing the true impact of this ambitious insurance concept that would seriously impact president Obama’s chances for a second term.

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