News flash. RECALL of Lance MacLean qualifies for the ballot

The ROV has just verifed that volunteers have obtained more than adequate signatures to begin the RECALL of Mission  Viejo Mayor Pro Tem Lance MacLean. The earliest date for the  Special  Election would be Jan 19th with an outside date of around Feb 23, 2010.

While I probably already know most of the candidates who will throw their hats in the arena I can assure you that neither  the names of Dick or Linda Ackerman will appear on the ballot .

Kudo’s to every one of the volunteers who gave up their weekends to stand in front of stores gathering nearly 14,000  petition signatures. A minor factoid is that they accumulated more registered voter signatures than Lance received in his election.

Stay tuned as I’m off to Saddleback Church to hear from Rwanda ‘s president

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