Laura “Mrs. Jerbal” Cunningham running for O.C. Clerk-Recorder

Laura Cunningham for Orange County Clerk Recorder

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GOP consultant John Lewis commented today on our post about Tom Daly’s assistant, Renee Ramirez, running for Clerk Recorder.  Lewis wanted to let us all know that he is not supporting Ramirez.  He is endorsing instead Laura “Mrs. Jerbal” Saucedo-Cunningham for Orange County Clerk-Recorder.

I think that is great!  now Laura and Renee can split the female vote and Hugh Nguyen, the most qualified candidate for O.C. Clerk-Recorder, can waltz to victory. 

Even better, now I can remind everyone that Mrs. Jerbal was paid to hate last year as director of Latino outreach for Prop. 8.  If she wins this race, and gay marriage is eventually legalized, will she be able to issue marriage certificates to gay couples or will the very thought of that give her a stroke?

laura cunningham

Well, at least she’s better looking than Mr. Jerbal!

Mrs. Jerbal is of course completely unqualified to run for O.C. Clerk-Recorder.  But that has never stopped Republican hacks in the past.  Remember that Lewis also got behind Mike Carona for Sheriff.  At the time Carona was a bailiff with zero crime-fighting experience and Lewis helped him become our Sheriff.  We know how THAT worked out…

UPDATE: Click here to read Mrs. Jerbal’s bio.  Yes, she worked for John Lewis.

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