Goodbye Van Jones

Van Jones being ditched this week is no reason to stop and celebrate. There is still a lot of revelation about the Obama Administration that needs to be done. What parts of the White House 60’s radicalism, black liberation theory and socialism doesn’t control, the Truther Nutters, the Code “Pink burqas” and the Corporate Zombies do. When minority mobs storm into private businesses they are called the black intafada. When leftists attack equality, they call it a crisis of civil rights. When radicals attack the nations intelligence service decade after decade, they call it “making us more popular abroad”.

This ejection will not slow them down or give them pause. It will only firm their resolve. It is already in their interest to continue to push Obamacare for the dollars the Trial Lawyers and Big Business will pour into their pockets for steering health care to feed out of the public trough rather than being guided by individuals and their employers. Seriously, if you think you can tell people who can take to the airwaves and say this that they need to take a breather, then you need to stick around and read The Juice some more.

Editors Note: The Orange Juice can neither confirm nor deny that THE POST calling for Van Jones resignation was the tipping point for the White House.

It may be true that Jones was one of the few true “movement progressives” in the administration, but that only goes so far to show Obama is concerned more with presenting the right appearance than presenting the actual details. With radical health care, energy and education reforms central to the social democrat agenda that presents serious and ominous transformations to American society, every one of Obama’s “czars” and advisors deserve the same scrutiny. Chase every Bill Ayers and Reverend Wright back under the crevice from which they crawled and leave the man in the White House with no one from the ACORN past. Then maybe you can have a starting point for discussion.

Just today, Obama named a “Manufacturing Czar”. Not one of the czars has ever had to fill out a White House “vetting questionnaire”. Your taxes are being used to pay these people, what they think is shaping policy, and you as a citizen know almost nothing about them. John Holdren, the science czar, has some real questions to answer about advocating “involuntary fertility control methods like mandatory abortions, mandating family size and adding sterilants to drinking water or staple foods.” Cass Sunstein, the regulatory czar, has supported taking people’s organs “against their will” and is in favor of allowing people to sue on behalf of animals. And Mark Lloyd, the “diversity czar” has spoken admiringly of the way Hugo Chavez has taken over dozens of radio stations and shut down dozens more, in the name of “the people”.

To use an old political analogy, American politics and change is played between the 40 yard lines. Right now, we are dealing with an administration and its radical underpinnings that is pushing for a Hail Mary pass every down. One of their players just got carried off the field. Don’t expect it to slow them down a bit. Individuals are for sacrificing when it comes to the Left.

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