Garamendi….the New Enviro!

John Garamendi was thinking……he would go after the 10th Congressional District…..get over the 50% margin in the Primary and walk right in to national office without any bothersome “hail and farewell” plaudits to current State office.

His well thought out plans went the way of the dodo bird when in the non issue prelim he barely got 26% of vote.   This now puts him in a runoff with Dave Harmer and will require John to go after “his own base”.  Suddenly, Garamendi the moderate Democrat becomes Garamendi the bleeding heart environmentalist.  John, who is a well known farmer in the central valley… is suggesting that desalination for Huntington Beach and 19 other areas of coastal California should be replaced with “Toilet to Tap” Reclaimed Water!  Pity those poor little heated up plankton guys…..with all that burly brine!  The fact of the matter is, that the burly brine will be there “with or without” desalination.   That’s what happens around Energy plants….just ask anyone!

Garamendi realizes that he will now have to go after his constituent base, which includes those lovely Central Valley, cranky old Water Board Members and slime ball moderate Republicans who also have an ax to grind when it comes to California water resources!  Pretty sad state of affairs.  We had thought that John was going to be a more  of a Conservative voice even as a Democrat.    Common sense should dictate that places like Aruba, AbuDabi and hundreds of other first quality Resort Locations around the world utilize Desalination plants to supply them with unbounding amounts of perfectly clear, clean and delicious locally produced water….at a very affordable price….day after day and year after year.  Why might Garamendi be holding out for increasing the budgets of local water boards rather than utilizing a sustainable water supply?

This is certainly a strategy for local vote getting….nothing more.  Now that Garamendi has a moderate opponent…with a little cash from the local Republican constabulary…….John is playing it cozy!  We offer some non paid consulting advice to the new Congressman to be:  Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater…..or in this case the baby with the desalination plant concept.  Additionally, try not sacrificing your principles in order to win this election.  Your name recognition and your history in politics will probably see you through….if you get out there and squeeze enough hands before election day!  That is…unless your position on those H2B Visas is going to make a bunch of people really angry!  

What do you think on that issue again…… John?

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