Cheesy Chuck DeVore strikes again…

Good grief!  Chuck DeVore is such a dork.  Now he has apparently shot a video in his backyard, ripping Carly Fiorina, his potential GOP opponent for the U.S. Senate seat held by Barbara Boxer.

DeVore apparently doesn’t like the website that is promoting Fiorina.  Too bad Chuckie!  Get over it.  You ought to be more concerned about the fact that your campaign is BROKE!

What’s next Chuckie?  Puppet shows?  Paper dolls?  Handmade t-shirts?  Uh-oh, that already happened:

 Chuck Devore tshirt

So what about DeVore’s website?  Well, it sucks!  Check out the splash image on his home page:

Chuck DeVore website

A pink background Chuckie?  Seriously?  LAME!

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