Alinsky Rule #8: “Keep the pressure on… ”


Alinsky Rule #8: “Keep the pressure on…  with different tactics and actions, and utilize all events of the period for your purpose.”

Evidence continues to pile up, example after example, of the damage social progressives are doing to the country. They are socially retarded. They are a danger to the community. No more can they look taken aback and say “but we mean well!” No, they don’t. They mean to undermine the fabric of society. They have no foundation on which to build, because they are the antithesis of social order. They are the absence of morals and standards. And it is in the absence of standards they have found the refuge to tear down and tear apart. The current political climate will only serve to continue to bring the hypocrisy of “progressive means good” into the light.

Three cheers for the dynamic duo, the young conservatives who took the tools of journalism and activism to heart and used them to expose corruption and degradation across the land, where it has been allowed to spread for far too long. Case closed? You wish! This is what happens when a red county turns blue. Thanks to for pointing that out on August 18th!

The two conservative activists who captured ACORN employees giving advice on the sex trade and money-laundering only play a pimp and prostitute on video.

In real life, Hannah Giles, 20, isn’t a lady of the night. She’s a minister’s daughter studying jour nalism at Florida International Uni versity.

And James E. O’Keefe III, 25, a Fordham MBA student from New Jersey, isn’t a pimp so much as a pro vocateur — determined to expose what he sees as the hypocrisies and moral lapses of liberals by employing their own tactics against them.

The pair met last year on Facebook after O’Keefe posted his own gotcha videos, showing Planned Parenthood employees agreeing to his request to earmark his donations for the abor tions of African-American babies.

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