A Get Well to Stafon…..

Stafon Johnson

Stafon Johnson is a running back for the USC Trojans.  Yesterday he suffered a terrible accident that required over seven hours of surgery and has left him in critical but stable condition.  Stafon’s season is over for 2009.  Hopefully he will make a complete recovery and hopefully he will be playing football again next year with the same excellence he has in the past.  Sport events that take people out of the game, the season and their careers are all part of the heartless process of competitive sports.  Dropping a 275 lb. Bar Bell onto your neck from a height of two to three feet could have ended Stafon’s life much less his career.  This accident occurred during training.

Florida Gator’s superstar Tim Tebow become another victim…but that was during a game.  The hit on Tebow was legal, clean and nothing out of the ordinary.  The number of on the field injuries are endless….both in college football and the pros.  A variety of NFL players have been sidelined and perhaps removed from the process this year as well.  No one is exempt from the possibility of  “not making it through the season”…much less through an entire career.

If you want to send a get well card to Stafon Johnson:  You can do so by sending it to:

USC Football Dept. – Stafon Johnson

Heritage Hall (HER)
3501 Watt Way
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0602

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