Which two assistant sheriffs will OCSD Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens cut?

Recognizing that “public safety” is the top priority for any government agency appointed OCSD Sheriff-Coroner Sandra Hutchens is about to face another challenge. This time its not a debate over concealed carry-weapons (CCW) permits.

We are addressing the mandate by the OC BOS to cut between $28-$30.7 million from her budget which impacts staff and sworn officers. While the OCSD is made up of around 4,300 members the sheriff’s senior staff has only four Assistant Sheriffs. To meet her department budget cuts the sheriff has notified the media that she will be cutting two of her four Assistant Sheriffs. In her July 28th Budget Reduction Status Report, in addition to a 42% reduction in command staff will be elimination of 6 captains.

If that is correct, Under-sheriff John Scott and Executive Director Rick Dostal, who handles administration, will not be in the mix. In alphabetic order, the four Assistant Sheriffs reporting to Sheriff Hutchens are Jack Anderson, J.B. Davis, Michael Hillman and Mike James.

Juice readers. See if you can guess as to which two she will cut.

The July 28th Budget Reduction Status Report link follows below:


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