Where is Big Government Backlash Going?


Numerous reports in the media and on the internet are showing us that a significant backlash about the Obama healthcare proposal has developed. While members of Congress are in parts of the country holding public forums to discuss the concept, they are encountering angry constituents who are decrying not only the Federal health care concepts set forth so far, but also the growing power of government in our daily lives.

There are also reports that there are sinister big government motivations with regard to the growing concern, some would call it hysteria, about the Swine Flu. Amidst government advise about washing our hands, whether or not to close schools if there is an outbreak, and testing of a Swine Flu vaccine that is currently under way, there are reports that the Federal government has plans for a real or imagined pandemic that go so far as mandating everyone to take a flu shot, martial law and relocation camps. Some believe relocation camps have been developed and are ready and waiting.

The TV news has reported that in parts of the country citizens have formed armed, mini-militias to be ready for any such federal move. At least one TV news report wondered out loud if this might lead to another Oklahoma City type domestic terror outbreak.

We can scoff about the angry people at the various forums on health care, or the speculation that a Swine Flu outbreak will serve as an open door for a federal power play at the expense of our civil liberties – but it is increasingly hard to ignore the growing anti-big government sentiment that is blossoming among us with many people increasingly scared, angry or both.

Is it time to pay attention to the growth of the federal government’s involvement in our lives? Is the developing backlash itself something to be worried about? Where do you think this is going?

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A retired Orange County employee, and moderate Republican. The editor seriously does not know OBNO's identity as did not the former editor, but his point of view is obviously interesting and valued.