Westminster Chief of Police strikes back at Red County blog

Is this anonymous Red County blogger “The Fly?”

One of Red County’s cowardly anonymous bloggers, who calls himself “The Fly,” put up a post today questioning whether or not the Westminster Police Department was involved in a cover-up with regard to Councilman Andy Quach’s DUI accident on Saturday night.  Here are a couple of excerpts from Red County:

Why did the Westminster PD have to amend their earlier reporting of the situation? Do we see a potential cover-up unraveling? If two cars were involved in an accident and paramedics were called to the scene, why didn’t the police report state the facts? Why the delay?

The Westminster PD is called to the scene of a multivehicle accident and then reports it differently. I don’t get it. Does a sitting member of the Westminster City Council get a free pass?

Needless to say, the Westminster police were not amused.  Their Chief of Police actually jumped in to defend his department, with this comment:

I don’t normally respond to blogs, but will make an exception in this one case because you have caled the integrity of my officers into question.  In brief, the author of the original press release was incorrectly told the car was parked when struck, not occupied.  As soon as the officer learned of his mistake, he issued a revised press release clarifying the information.  Feel free to criticize the mistake of information, but please be less reckless with the reputation of my officers.

Submitted by Andrew Hall, Chief of Police on Tue, 08/04/09 – 11:06 AM

I thought Red County was supposed to be the credible blog in town?  Guess not!

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