Tustin Abandons Kids as crossing guard budget is slashed

School Crossing Guard

The Tustin News reports that the Tustin City Council has voted to cut over half the funding provided by the City for School Crossing Guards due to budget problems. At the same time, the Tustin Unified School District is cutting much of its daily school bus services, also due to budget problems.

So, we have the schools taking action to put more kids on the street daily going to and from school, and we have the City cutting back on services to keep those kids safe. By chance, could these two government entities have talked to each other before taking these conflicting budget actions? This should not be too much to ask.

Might there be other areas of the City Budget that the esteemed Tustin Council might have cut? How about the darlings of the Chamber of Commerce – the annual Tiller Days and Chili Cook Off events for instance?

The City has chosen to abandon kids, while continuing to party at such City  annual events. The Council will have some explaining to do when the first accident occurs at a crosswalk that previously had crossing guards. Unfortunately, such an accident appears inevitable.  School is about to start.

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