Some random thoughts

Some random thoughts
Why are corporations making billions called greedy, but those in government who take 30% and do nothing to create it are not?
The top 50% in this country pay just about all of the income tax, but those that pay nothing keep telling us the top “Rich” need to pay their fair share?
Why can people who make a good income never be called “working families”
On the same note, our politicians get paid more than most people do, but they tell us they are working for us?
How do budget cuts on items such as the Post office and the DMV always hit the poor the hardest?
If $10 per hour is good….why isn’t the minimum wage $300 per hour?
Will doctors be able to go on “Strike” under the public option?
If people die in accidents without helmets, or seat belts, why are we forced to wear them, to save money on care?
If guns are dangerous, why don’t we see killing sprees at shooting ranges?
Why aren’t our elected officials forced to fly “coach” when they travel?
The State and Federal government make more on a package of smokes, than the tobacco companies do. Shouldn’t people be suing the Government for damages?

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