Sarah Palin XBox For Sale!!!


OH… MY… GOD!!! You mean, for the little ol price of just one point one million dollars I can have an authentic (complete with picture showing it being autographed) Sarah Palin Signed XBox!??

I am going to request right now that all red blooded honest Americans help me raise the money to buy the Sarah Palin XBox!!!! Just send check or cash for ANY AMOUNT to: Terry Crowley Needs A Sarah Palin XBox PO BOX 272572 Fort Collins, CO!!!! I promise:

1. Anybody who helps me buy it can come over and play it on my Big Screen anytime! (When I get a Big Screen)
2. That if you donate, and Sarah Palin later says she never signed the XBox, the money will go to an excellent cause.
3. That I will display the image of the “Sarah Palin” XBox permanently on the website. Art wants to use that upper right corner for ads, but hey, I’m the webmaster.
4. You will go on a special list of people to be named in a post on The Orange Juice once the XBox is mine!

Now, my only problem will be, I don’t really play games. I’m too busy. So if anyone has any ideas about what games I should play on the “Sarah Palin” XBox, send those suggestions when you send cash!!!!

Cheers Sarah!!!

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