Santa Ana’s Usual Suspects win again?

Please don’t eat the microphone!

I headed over to Pinkberry today, at the City Place, to pick up some frozen yogurt.  All of a sudden I saw Phil “Count Chocula” stroll by – and a minute later Thomas Gordon followed suit.  They went into the Geisha House, full of smirks as I imagine they were celebrating the passage of the Usual Suspect’s graffiti ordinance by the lame Santa Ana City Council.

Hardly anyone showed up for the City Council meeting.  I watched a bit of it online.  Some old guy from Morrison Park showed up to speak – then it was Thomas’ turn.

Thomas dressed up for the meeting, which had to be a first.  He usually rolls around in shorts and a t-shirt, as seen in the picture below.

It has been a good year for the Usual Suspects.  They defeated Michele Martinez and reelected their boy Pulido, and Bacerra got his bicycle racks.  Now Gordon got his graffiti ordinance.  What next?  Perhaps Pulido will buy that house on French St. for Debbie McEwen?

In return, no one stood up against Pulido as he and his Council cronies gave $6 million to George Pla and his Cordoba Corp. – to fund the Pulido light rail to Garden Grove.

The oldest Usual Suspect?

No wonder Santa Ana is such a damn mess!  But tonight the Usual Suspects were celebrating.  They appear to be in full control of our City Council.

It is amazing and sad that a small group of haters could tell the all Latino Santa Ana City Council what to do…

No one showed up to see Thomas Gordon in all his glory.

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