Celebrity Hostage Releases!

This is a reality show….to draw from:  Bill Clinton and Al Gore actually find  meaningful job descriptions!  Kim Jong Il, born 16 February 1941…is a true  celebrity wonk!  Whether he is in fact sick or just looking for sympathy, who ever would know?  This was Kim Jong’s fantasy; a very cool celebrity hostage negotiation.  Bill Clinton gets on the “Al Gore Special” aircraft and heads up to the North Korean capitol of Pyongyang and quickly retrieves two American journalists that had been employed by Al Gore for his Current TV.

Bill and Al pull the “North Korean Miracle” (“Do you believe in miracles?  Al Michaels 1980!)  with Kim Jong Il;  followed by Euna and Laura’s high profile release from incarceration and  imprisonment in North Korea for 142 days -after these reporters were found guilty and convicted of spying!  Reporters Euna Lee and Laura Ling were released yesterday and reunited with their families in Los Angeles today.  “And they lived happily ever after……”

Didn’t this steal a little thunder from the likes of Jessie Jackson?  Dan Rather or Bill Moyers?  Pretty effective work for “good old Bill” we do have to admit.  Maybe he can do the same thing in Afghanistan…..getting our soldier back from the Taliban!  Maybe not!  But hey, lets get back to brother Kim Jong Il……here is a strange cat who just wanted a little respect.  What actually transpired with Kim and Bill in their meeting…..may never be known.  The results however, bring a humanity to Kim Jong Il…..and an actual sensitivity from Bill Clinton.  What was Hillary doing?  What the true reality was….is irrelevant!

The truth is; two news reporters broached across an International border, without proper documentation.  They were interviewing people that were  starving, sick and with less than 2nd grade educations.  Their mission, whatever it was….was ill conceived to begin with.  Reporters should not cross a border that they know will raise the ire of any nation, or that do not even have a US Embassy in that country – or diplomatic relations!  These cheeky  reporters were taking a very deadly chance and only by the Grace of God………..and the work of Bill Clinton were they able to be brought home, rather than serving their entire 12 years hard labor for spying – and maybe never coming home.

Daniel Pearl was a case in point, beheaded February 1, 2002,  an American Independent journalist who had been kidnapped and murdered in Karachi, Pakistan.  He thought he knew his way around…..but discovered well too late….that American citizens are just targets of opportunity in places with people that can benefit from their deaths, torture or imprisonment.  Al Queda, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Fatah, Abu Sayyaf and more:


The Lee and Ling ladies hopefully will have an amazing tale to tell.  They will write a best selling book and go on the Global Lecture Circuits, make a mint and hopefully stay safe for their kids and families.  Congratulations ladies!

For Kim Jong Il……he can’t wait to meet Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis, Clint Eastwood and Arnold the Governor of California.  Kim Jong Il…will now be ready to die happy knowing he got to press the flesh with Bill Clinton and Al Gore!  Too bad he never got to meet Michael Jackson and Ray Charles!

Oh well, “Peace in our time…..”  does have its price and if a little “Celebrity Hostage Releases” programming finds its way on to North Korean TV….how could anyone complain?  Kim Jong Il….has granted amnesty to two babe news reporters,  just like Bill Clinton did for Drug Kingpins and the like….now just how good does this get?  Congrats to Kim and Bill…wonder what kind of beer they drank?  Wonder if Bill was able to get a back rub from one on Kim Jong’s dancing girls?  We may never know!

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