Anger, Frustration & Panic!

Rupert Murdoch has declared:  “We are going to charge for all online content!   Newscorp is not going to give anything  away, ever!”

Traditional newspapers are suffering from technology meltdown and disability!   They cannot figure out how to make money on the web nor can they convince their traditional advertisers to pay to play on the internet.  Instead of just adding an internet ad for free when their traditional ad makers buy on spot in the used tree format…..they can’t figure out that they need to “prime the pump”.

If traditional Advertisers got free internet coverage when they buy a regular ad, it would not take much imagination to figure out that if the majority of viewers and readers are doing the internet….they will be getting some “freebee” exposure.

Look at it this way; Newscorp, The Tribune Company and others all have to pay their reporters anyway.  Putting those writings on the internet is no different than paying for their services on the pulp. We love the variety of farsighted periodicals that offer news highlights from different regions of the country. All news is local! Even in El Paso, Banger, Detroit or Minneapolis!

What traditional newspapers, magazines and other peridodicals have failed to recognize however, is the value of some selected blogger writers that do have a true following, are read and deserve to be included with those high value traditional news periodicals….as well.  The problem is that Publishers are so cheap…..they don’t want to pay for high value content – that they do not create!  Shortsighted…..beyond belief.

Well, Rupert and the rest of his oligarchy of Newspaper Magnets are all going to fail “brilliantly”…..when they try to get people to subscribe to their webpages.  Again, the other way that works is if that subscription is included in any annual standard subscription.  The web is an important contact for new readers to any periodical.  The Miami Hearld and a variety of other important regional papers offer selected content for free.  These are the wise companies that understand how the process works.

We will not be paying any fees to Mr. Murdoch or for that matter any other bunch of wiseacres out there….thinking their newsprint doesn’t stink!

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