Allies: Obama WTF in Afghanistan

Obama’s “Afghan Strategy” has delivered “much less than it promised” due to the lack of a realistic strategy, an influential committee of lawmakers said Sunday. In a report, the House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee said without a clear strategy stabilising Afghanistan had become “considerably more difficult than might otherwise have been the case.” Lawmakers criticised US policies in Afghanistan and Pakistan and warned the “considerable cultural insensitivity” of some coalition troops had caused serious damage to Afghans’ perceptions that will be “difficult to undo”.

What has Obamas “Afghan Strategy” done so far? Targeted the US Military is what. The number of US deaths in Afghanistan has skyrocketed since Obama’s military strategy was implemented. July 6 was the highest one-day Afghan death toll of U.S. troops. Seven good men died. Where are the media blasts? The countdowns? The SCREAMS? Remember during Operation Iraqi Freedom, there was the daily broadcast of US deaths – recounted ad nauseum. At the current rate, 2009 would be the deadliest for the U.S. in more than seven years of fighting, surpassing the 132 killed last year, the military said. Now, all quiet on the left wing front.


Will voters back home also have doubts? A New York Times poll taken in mid-June showed that 30 percent of respondents thought the war in Afghanistan was going well, while 55 percent thought it was going badly. Those numbers don’t necessarily reflect poorly on Obama — they were similar last summer, but now Obama is in charge of Afghanistan and making proactive decisions there, not just following or cleaning up after his predecessor’s orders. He owns this conflict now, whether the headlines get better or — as in the case of the reported abduction of a U.S. soldier — worse.

Where is Rachel Maddow to proclaim the humanity of it all and blame the C in C for our missing soldier? It won’t take long. Watch how badly a “Democrat War” goes…


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