Was president Obama wrong is saying Cambridge police “acted stupidly?”

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Based on a poll taken by the Washington Times let me revisit president Obama’s July 22nd Press Conference on health care where the last question, from Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun Times, had nothing to do with the topic and should never have been taken into consideration by the president.

Here the president was fighting to save a sinking ship and went off course, and TelePrompter, to field an out of left field question from this reporter. Other than the president hitting an iceberg, the results of the Washington Times Poll of 12,836 participants follows below. I will not add the 200 comments that resulted from this poll which you can read on the story link.

President Obama said he thought the police had “acted stupidly” in the arrest of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. Do you think that the police’s actions were stupid?

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Response Percent             Votes

Yes         12%               1628 votes

No                84%        10799 votes

Undecided     2%           317 votes

Other          0%                92 votes

12836 total votes

OK West coast. Perhaps Juice readers will jump in with their comments on this issue.


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