Ward Churchill gets NOTHING


No job. No back pay. No front pay.

Ward Churchill, the professor from the University of Colorado, Boulder, at the center of the 9/11 “little eichmann’s” controversy, has received nothing. A jury ruled Churchill shouldn’t have been fired, but the decision on whether to reinstate him was left up to the judge, Larry J. Naves of Denver District Court.

Naves ruled Tuesday that the decision by the university’s governing Board of Regents “occurred with sufficient procedural protections.” He also noted that jurors awarded Churchill only $1 in damages. He said the low figure meant that the jury concluded Churchill did not incur any damages.

Excellent! Understand, this isnt about “freedom of speech” or that people don’t like what he had to say. Although I think that it is perfectly acceptable since the President of Harvard can lose his job for saying “men and women are different”, that this whack job lose his job in the blink of an eye.

This is about the fact that once he came to attention, journalists and academe from around the country began to hear that he had plagiarized works from other academics.

The controversy attracted increased attention to Churchill’s research, which had already been criticized by legal scholar John LaVelle and historian Guenter Lewy.[37][43][44] Additional critics came forward, including sociologist Thomas Brown, who had been preparing an article on Churchill’s work, and historians R.G. Robertson and Russell Thornton, who claimed that Churchill had mischaracterized their work.[45][46] In 2005, University of Colorado at Boulder administrators ordered an investigation into seven allegations of research misconduct.[30]

On May 16, 2006 the University released the findings of its Investigative Committee, which agreed unanimously that Churchill had engaged in “serious research misconduct”, including falsification, fabrication and plagiarism. The committee was divided on the appropriate level of sanctions.[2] The Standing Committee on Research Misconduct accepted the findings of the Investigative Committee that Churchill had “committed serious, repeated, and deliberate research misconduct”, but also disagreed on what sanctions should be imposed.[47] Churchill’s appeal against his proposed dismissal was considered by a panel of the University’s Privilege and Tenure Committee, which found that two of the seven findings of misconduct did not constitute dismissible offences. Three members recommended that the penalty should be demotion and one year’s suspension without pay, while two favored dismissal.[3][48]

On July 24, 2007, the University regents voted seven to two to uphold all seven of the findings of research misconduct, overruling the recommendation of Privilege and Tenure panel that two of them be dismissed. They then fired Churchill by a vote of eight to one.[3][48]

This former Weather Underground and 60’s radical who taught others how to aim guns and build bombs in the service of Marxist-Leninism claimed indian ancestry which an extensive genealogy search has found baseless. He also made up a glorified Vietnam background of paratrooper school and LRRP (Long Range Recon Patrol) duty, when in fact he had been a truck driver and a public information specialist.

You know, on the campaign trail, I once ran into a dubious figure with big talk and a foul demeanour. Joe Cafasso smoked a pipe, and marched about claiming all sorts of self important details about his background. Later, this loser even had a short stint on Fox News as a wartime analyst before it was discovered that this “Light Colonel” had never even finished basic training and everything he had ever written he had stolen from someone else.

Ward Churchill gave me the same kind of willies. Good riddance.

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