USA 2020 fact or fiction?

President for Life Barack Obama made a surprise visit to a Ralph’s supermarket in Arlington, VA on Wednesday evening and won a promise from the chain’s managing director to cut pork prices.

Obama’s field trip to the dairy and meat aisles of the supermarket in this northern VA city came amid a government drive to develop new trade legislation, specifically state regulation over retail pricing.

“How much is pork?” Obama asked astounding store attendants, FOX News reported. Seeing a price tag of $11 and consulting a pricing table that listed the items purchase price at $5.00, Obama’s calculation yielded an unhappy result.

“This is double the price. Is that normal?” the president asked John Doe, the store manager.

“Is 120 percent a high markup?” Doe asked.

“Very high,” Obama said.

“It will be lowered tomorrow,” Doe said.

Obama also visited the dairy aisle.

“All prices on socially significant products like dairy, bread and eggs are low” store manager Doe told Obama.

The unannounced excursion to the store came during a government discussion over legislation to introduce a single set of rules for wholesale, supply and retail chain companies as well as to introduce special rules for the sale of agriculture products.

After the 10 to 15 minute visit, Obama said good-bye to the customers and the store manager and returned to the White House to continue the meeting.

Officials have struck a populist note in recent weeks over food pricing as 75 percent of Americans view growing prices as the countries biggest problem, according to a Rasmussen Reports national opinion survey  released Tuesday.

Inflation has hit 7.2 percent since the beginning of the year, according to Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner’s figures posted on his department web site Wednesday. The government predicts that inflation could still be less than 13 percent for the year, Geitner said Wednesday.

Fact or fiction?

This is a “true” edited story from the June 25th Moscow Times that a colleague brought back from a recent trip to Moscow. While the report is true the names obviously have been altered.

Based on radical steps taken by the current administration is this where America is headed?

Keep your eyes on “Government Motors”, GM, to see whether or not their future cars will be what the public wants or what the White House tells them to produce.

Credit for the basic text of this post goes to Maria Antonova of the Moscow Times.

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