That large sucking sound you hear is President Obama’s poll numbers tanking

You need to tip your hat to “candidate” Barack Obama and his well oiled team. Let’s acknowledge that they did a remarkable job in knocking out every competitor in the Democratic primary including high profile Senator Hillary R. Clinton.

So now we see the difference between rock star candidate Obama Vs president Obama in action. As the president is finding out there is a vast difference between campaign rhetoric and governing 300 million people.

Back in late Jan his favorable approval numbers, as president, reported by pollster Gallup, was off the chart at around 68%. In that same poll they also reported his unfavorable numbers at around 12%, not even a noise level.  However, as America starts to question his agenda and our frustration with the sad state of our economy, we see a decline in his favorable numbers to 57%. However, that’s not the key indicator to watch. His percentage of disapproval has taken off like a rocket ship to Mars climbing from 12% in January to 36% in July.

That’s a 300 percent increase in only six months.  His Universal Health care proposal is seeing opposition from within his own party. I won’t reference this as his Waterloo as that expression is being overworked.  The “H” word “hope” has been exposed as “hype.”

Let me caution readers not to let your guard down thinking that he is walking away from this unfinished business. Let Congress know that you oppose his remaining Agenda items. Remember that House Members must run to be reelected every two years. For now the president is safe for another three and a half years but they are vulnerable to voter backlash back home next November.

OK Juice drinkers. Where do you believe Gallup will report president Obama’s favorable and/or unfavorable numbers next Jan?

Has the worst days of Barack Obama serving as president been behind him?

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