Sotomayor pick was a trap – and the Republican Senators fell for it

“The Sotomayor confirmation vote is looking more like a purely partisan affair, with only a small handful of Senate Republicans backing President Barack Obama’s first nomination for the high court. Six out of seven Republicans on the Judiciary Committee are expected to vote against Sotomayor in the committee vote Tuesday, and only a few Republicans have publicly stated they will support her,” according to

The Sotomayor pick was a trap – and no matter what the GOP do they were going to lose.  If they oppose her they alienate Latino voters.  If they support her they alienate their Talibani base.

Obama won this hand easily.  Sotomayor will be confirmed and Latinos will be more blue than ever.  The sad-sack Republican Senators will huff and puff and watch their membership continue to dwindle.  They are now down to 40.  They had the full run of the Senate just a few years ago.  Now they are a dying party with no hope in sight.

Hate on Obama and Sotomayor all you want.  They won.  And the Republicans are more lost than ever.

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