Sarah Palin to speak at the Reagan Library in Simi Valley

“Republican Women Federated of Simi Valley said in a statement that Palin is slated to appear at the group’s 50th anniversary gala at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Aug. 8,” according to the San Jose Mercury News.

I wonder how much Palin will get paid to speak to this group?  It looks like Levi Johnston was right.  Palin is cashing in!

Group spokeswoman Pat Saraceno said Palin “embodies the values that we hold dear: faith, family, country first and service.”

LOL!  Palin embodies the sad state of the GOP – she is bat crazy! And I am not the only one who is saying that.

Here are a few excerpts from an L.A. Times column about how GOP pundits have turned on Palin:

“I am of the strong opinion that, at present day, she is not ready to be the leading voice of the GOP,” said Todd Harris, a party strategist who likened Palin to the hopelessly dated “Miami Vice” — something once cool that people regard years later with puzzlement and laughter. “It’s not even that she hasn’t paid her dues. I personally don’t think she’s ready to be commander in chief.”

Others suggest a delayed response to last year’s shaky campaign performance, now that the race is over and Republicans feel free to speak their minds.

“I can’t tell you one thing she brought to the ticket,” said Stuart K. Spencer, who has been advising GOP candidates for more than 40 years. “McCain wanted to shock and surprise people, and he did — in a bad way.”

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