Obama admin: No grounds to probe Afghan war crimes

The President has said there’s “no looking back”. So will the Attorney General pursue a partisan witch hunt, fan the flames of intra party warfare, turn the rule of law on its head and imperil the chosen ones domestic priorities? Shouldnt we NOT be sticking our noses into the internal concerns of another country?

The mass deaths were brought up anew Friday in a report by The New York Times on its Web site. U.S. officials said Friday they did not have legal grounds to investigate the deaths because only foreigners were involved and the alleged killings occurred in a foreign country. Asked about the report, Marine Corps Col. David Lapan, a Pentagon spokesman, said that since U.S. military forces were not involved in the killings, there is nothing the Defense Department could investigate.

“There is no indication that U.S. military forces were there, or involved, or had any knowledge of this,” Lapan said. “So there was not a full investigation conducted because there was no evidence that there was anything from a DoD (Department of Defense) perspective to investigate.”

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