Mrs. Smith Should Go To Washington

Any politician willing to treat their job as a temporary one is a politician worth looking at.

Like most everyone else, I sat back and scratched my head in consternation at the announcement that Sarah Palin was resigning as governor of Alaska. Its either a bold or stupid move, I thought. I placed it on the slow cook burner in my brain and let it soak in. At first glance, you say “Well thats a mistake! She shot herself in the foot!” Then I asked myself “What happens when you decide you dont want to run for re election?” Are we all so cynical that we forget that the politician is there for the peoples business?

Certainly, this does her electability no good. She has a much bigger platform and microphone to speak from running for Senate or President in 2010 or 2012 as a sitting governor.  But what if she can help the peoples business in other ways? Its clear that the partisan rancor was heated in Alaska, with those opposing her doing it for the simple reason of her national stature. Palin was drawing larger crowds than Obama late in the election, and that sure did PO a bunch of cultural snobs who would try to convince us that an elite education or someones background are what make them qualified for public office. (IMHO, that is what has gotten us into the trouble we are in)  The peoples work was NOT getting done.

**Editors note and response: It is my opinion that those who bleat “she should have continued in  political office because thats what all other politicians do – unless she’s hiding something.” or “Who does she think she is, special or something?!” really could care less what she might or might not get done for the people. They just want the same political process to go on as usual. The usual distractions and the usual games.

COME ON PEOPLE! How many times over the last three years have you wished Schwarzenneger, or whatever governor from whatever state you are living in, would just go away and let someone else do the job? Anyone can raise the specter of “indictment”, dragging out stories more than a year old from liberal rags without any credibility. They most likely will all come to nothing, as they all have come to nothing in the past. And anyone can be accused of anything.

After Washingtons second term was over, nearly everyone begged him to run for President again. He declined, believing it would set a bad precedent. Jefferson also refused to serve a third term, noting “history shows how easily long term public service degenerates into an inheritance.” Ben Franklin insisted that public service not be a full time job or career.

What a great precedent! When you can no longer do your job as an elected official because people are more interested in political gamesmanship than getting work done, you step aside! Imagine what that could do for California…

Politicians have the same staying and survival power as cockroaches. A congress with an approval rating of 13% saw 90% of its member re-elected. Anyone who says Palin simply wasnt going to win re-election are delusional. Regardless of their approval, politicians are re-elected. Yet Palin not only didnt want to be re-elected, but when it came time to leave, she knew that someone else who has her same agenda and priorities (And make no mistake, her Lt Governor shares her views) would be able to get more done in the time that was left. Imagine that!

The only principle that our parties still hold are: Get elected at all costs! More and more people are starting to notice that parties and politicians are messing things up only so they can hang around to fix them. If you’re still brainwashed by the two party system, maybe its time to broaden your thinking.

For those who believe your government is at stake, declare your independence! You vote for Republicans and get bigger government and more spending. You vote for Democrats and get even BIGGER government and even MORE spending. We vote for candidates from the two parties who promise ethics, and the Republicans give us the House Intern scandal and the Democrats bring us Charlie Rangel, Fannie Mae and Chris Dodds sweetheart mortgage deals!

A Progressive Republican is no different to me than a Progressive Democrat. The state puts your freedoms aside for different reasons, but it all gets to the same place.

“Government is not reason. It is not eloquence. It is FORCE. Like fire, a troublesome servant and a fearful master. Never, for a moment, should it be left to irresponsible action.” – George Washington

It would have been irresponsible to continue in her job when someone else can get the peoples work done. THAT IS A POLITICAN FOR THE PEOPLE: GO AWAY WHEN WE DONT NEED YOU ANYMORE.

THANK YOU SARAH. Maybe Nancy and Harry and 80% of the rest of them will learn SOMETHING. Some of them have been in office longer than kings and dictators.

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