Mayor Moonbeam Ming!

Ming the Merciless was made famous by Charles Middleton and Buster Crabbe in the 30’s Serial and Edgar Rice Burrows story: Flash Gordon! Is this poetic justice or what?  Tomorrow will be the 30th Anniversary of Mooning Amtrack in San Juan Capistrano. will let you know all the important stuff about this annual event.  Last year eight to ten thousand people showed up and really caused a traffic mess.  The new 39 year old yuppy mayor seems to not quite grasp “The great urban Legends” concept.  Tomorrow is the big day….so get ready fellas and gals!  This ain’t no Woodstock or Obama Inauguration – ya know!

Once just an excuse to leave the dark enclave of the Mugs Away Saloon has turned into the “Moon over Amtrak” society event of the year.  Hey, for people that may not have cash to visit an auction at the Ritz-Carlton or Monarch Beach Hotels…..we are talking “quite an event”.  You get to have a drink, get your car towed and get a Commemorative T-Shirt.  How could anyone pass up a opportunity like that.  You get to be part of the great tradition…of dropping your pants in front of Amtrak riders from Los Angeles and San Diego…whoever they may be!  Plus, undoubtedly those trains are going to be filled with a variety of lacivious leeches wondering what 10,000 bare butts look like!

In case the folks in Laguna Niguel think their little statements in the local paper saying “No more bare butts!” is going to work….they should probably take a look at today’s Wall Street Journal…..bottom fold..Page ONE!

A couple of suggestions for both parties: (1) Mayor Robert Ming….get a life and actually show up and act like you gotta pair!  (2) Revelers….don’t be some buses or shuttles and keep ’em busy for the whole day bringing the daring and darlings to the proscribed location.  You don’t want to have these folks get lost along the way…now do you?  Mugs Away Saloon should be in charge of that deal!  Everyone needs to get there early!

Congratulations Amtrak ….you’ve done it again!  Connecting people between two points!  Whatever happens….let the cops be nice and the people safe and friendly!  Hey next year maybe we can get “Governor Moonbeam” to come down to make some special presentations!

We will be watching the LA Times and the OC Register for their in depth reporting – along with that of the Wall Street Journal.  *Flash Gordon reporting – we will keep the light on!  Hope everyone has a great time and gets their car back – eventually!

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