Lame Republicans shouldn’t blame the Libertarians for their party’s demise

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Red County’s resident managing goon, Chip Hanlon, slammed O.C. Register editorial writer Steven Greenhut today, for daring to think like a Libertarian.

Here is just one excerpt from Hanlon’s ridiculous post, “In their bizarre ideology, it is better to passively watch all the events of the world and take literally no hand in shaping it to meet our American interests nor the those of individual liberty around the globe.”

Yes Chip, it is better to do NOTHING than to waste TRILLIONS on wars we have no business starting in the first place!  If you don’t understand that by now then you are an idiot.

Here is another excerpt that simply begs a response, “Their “philosophy” is really pretty simple: Libertarians hate government, period, and the government they hate the most is their own. Thus, they will seldom offer much in the way of the solutions other than railing against the lack of political purity in our system, even if their “purity” would allow for polygamy, for instance.”

Um, Chip, aren’t John Ensign and Mark Sanford polygamists – at least by their actions?  When are you red-faced Republicans going to realize that pontificating about what goes on in private bedrooms is a losing proposition when so many Republican elected officials are depraved pigs?

As for hating the government, don’t you know Chip that the public is PISSED at both our state and national legislators?  What do they have, an 8% approval rating?  We don’t hate the government – we are just fed up with the lame clowns running the government – and we are mad that they keep wasting our money while not doing anything to stop the waste!

But Chip isn’t done digging a hole for himself.  Check out this excerpt: “Sadly, because the GOP failed so miserably on fiscal responsibility while in the majority, many on the right are being enticed by the little they know about Libertarians– their commitment to fiscal restraint. To an extent, their ideas here are admirable. When their full belief system is known, however, support of Libertarians like Paul cannot be defended.”

Now he is slamming Ron Paul?  Are you kidding me?  Paul is ten thousand times better than last year’s lame Republican presidential candidate, John McCain, and his insane V.P., the Palinator.

Memo to Chip – first of all stop calling yourself “Chip.”  That is a ridiculous nickname and you are far too old to be using it.  Second, don’t blame Libertarians for the fall of the GOP.  Your party is dying because you guys focus on hate – hating gays, hating Mexicans and hating anyone different from your white supposedly Christian majority.  Guess what?  That is a losing proposition.  You have lost the young voters in California and you sure as Hell won’t be getting the Latino vote – ever!

The GOP stands for NOTHING today.  Republicans vote to waste money just as much as their blue counterparts.  George W. Bush not only tanked our economy – he took the entire global economy down too.  You guys had the White House and both houses of Congress and you accomplished NOTHING good.

One third of the voters in California are Decline to State now Chip.  Why do you think that is?  It isn’t the Libertarian Party’s fault.  It is YOUR fault.  Deal with it.

Chip, you’re a joke.  Going after Greenhut is a sad strategy.  All you have done is reveal what an ass you are!

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