How soon before we Amend the CA budget?

Amazing. And we pick on Congress for not reading 1,000 page stimulus bills.
Our state legislature just voted on 31 bills in roughly 30 non-stop hours.
This approved state budget, for which the governor needs to get out his knife and carve out one billion dollars, will fall on its face.

UPDATE: As of now, 9 a.m. Saturday July 25th, it is difficult getting a clear picture out of Sacramento on a final vote.

This redevelopment agency 40 year extension, SB 26 (4X),  passed out of the Senate but I am unable to get final verification on the Assembly vote.

If approved read Section 5 Health & Safety Code 33333.6 “The limitations of this section shall apply to every redevelopment plan adopted on or before December 31, 1993.” 

The question for Juice readers.
 How soon will the CA legislature and governor Schwarzenegger be forced to come back and try again?
4 months?
5 months?
6 months?
Sadly they approved an extension of redevelopment agencies by up to 40 years without findings of blight so that they could leverage future state revenues for borrowing purposes.

Folks. We are going backwards in California.
Sales, property, and income taxes in this recession are an unpredictable source of funds.

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