Another Red County Kool Aid drinker attacks Steven Greenhut

The witless Red County Kool Aid Drinker “Christian Milord”

A humorless Republican named “Christian Milord” (no I did not make that name up) attacked Steven Greenhut today in a rebuttal printed by the O.C. Register.  Milord claims to be a teacher in Fullerton, but his rebuttal is unbelievably lame  I hope he is not teaching any of your children!

Milord attacks Greenhut for a number of perceived slights, including Greenhut’s characterization of Sarah Palin, the failed GOP vice presidential nominee who recently quit as Governor of Alaska, as an “empty vessel.”  How Milord can stomach defending Palin is a mystery to me.  Greenhut was absolutely right about that!

Milord goes on to slam Greenhut for “spending too much time finding fault with the GOP, instead of recognizing the great policy positions and traditions of the party since 1854.”

Listen Milord, your Red County publisher, Chip Hanlon, picked this fight with Greenhut!  Hanlon attacked Greenhut for being anti-war.  Hanlon did not stop there.  He also attacked and defamed Ron Paul, the popular Libertarian-leaning Republican Congressman who ran for President last year.  This was a battle that Hanlon could not win. 

Milord echoes Hanlon’s vapidity by writing that “The federal government has the primary duty to defend our liberties and protect Americans from domestic and foreign enemies.”  Does that include starting a stupid war in Iraq that cost us trillions?  Greenhut is right to question that waste of money – and to question U.S. militarization in general.

Milord continues with this nugget, “instead of noting the accomplishments of the Libertarian Party, Greenhut expends excessive energy bashing “fanatics” in the GOP.”  Can you blame Greenhut for responding in kind after Hanlon ripped Libertarians for supposedly being fanatics?  All Greenhut did was prove that there are just as many nutty Republicans.  Just look at all the red-faced types who are questioning President Obama’s birthplace instead of focusing his plans to socialize our government?

Milord closes with this sentiment, “Instead of railing against the GOP of the past, Greenhut ought to find points of agreement between the GOP and the Libertarian Party, and then go from there.”

Excuse me Milord, but it was Hanlon who fired the first volley – and who made it clear that you redcoats don’t want freedom-loving Libertarians in your party.  I agree – we should NOT be Republicans.  The GOP is a dying party – and it is Republicans like Milord and Hanlon who are serving as its pallbearers.

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