Sanford takes a hike!

John Ensign…….Senator….Republican….fools around on his wife.  Mark Sanford………Governor….Republican…..fools around on his wife.  Larry Criag……Senator….Repbulican….fools arounds in airport men’s rooms. Bob Barr…Former Congressman….Republican…..fools around on his wife.  Newt Gingrich…..Former Leader of the House……Republican…..fools around on his wife.  Bill Clinton…..Former President…Democrat….fools around on his wife.  John Edwards……Former Senator….. Democrat……fools around on his wife. Former Governor Rod Blagojevich…..Democrat……fools around on the phone about money!  William Jefferson……Congressman….Democrat….fools around with his refrigerator!  McGrevy, Spitzer…..and the list goes on that doesn’t even deserve honorable mention!

Who are these idiots? You really have to see the Press Conference by the Governor of South Carolina to truly believe it.  “He let people down!”….this is unbelieveable…..that he thinks anyone even cares about his indiscretions.  “I met this married lady from Argentina…with two kids….eight years ago and it started out very innocently!”  “I am steeping down as the Chairman of the Republican Governor’s Conference!”  What in the world would make these incredible egomaniacs think anyone gives two biscuits or donuts for “the babe” they are dating or why in the world they had to disappear for days and tell everyone that this hike was actually : Governor Mark Sanford was actually in Buenos Aires and not hiking on the Appalachian trail for five days.

This is what you call “Mid-Life Crisis” in the extreme.  They get so caught up in “their Godlike powers” that they think someone actually cares who they are doing the nasty deed with or how many times they take Viagra a day!  If anyone thought that the Republican party could make a comeback in 2010 – this has served as a good example “Why Not!”  The good Governor of South Carolina has even made LA Mayor Villaraigosa look like a demur, sensitive and caring public official.  Republicans are now twisting in the wind – without a moral backbone between any of them!  If this is one of the major league rising stars in the Republican party…we would hate to look to too deep into anyone in the minors!

One last question:  Why would anyone ever hold a Press Conference to tell “the world” of his own personal problems.  John Edwards probably sent that message in South Carolina earlier…but he was a high value Presidential Candidate.  All these guys are really just a bunch of candidates for “Reality TV”.  So, who is to say Governor Sanford was not in Buena Aires at all.  He was probably just having a relationship with his dog “Laddie” on the long Appalachian Trail”!  Time for Sanford to take another hike!  He has just been booted off “Survivor”, been dislocated from “Lost” and his wish granted from: “I’m a celebrity….and want……”

For all of those that plan to offer some excuse for this type of unmoral behavior…..try to answer this question: If a person cannot keep a sacred promise to someone they love……why do you think they will keep their promise to the people of his State or Country?

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