Libertarian Norm Westwell running for the Huntington Beach City Council

Libertarian Norm Westwell has signs ready to go for his H.B. City Council campaign

(Picture Courtesy of the O.C. Register)

There are four seats opening up on the Huntington Beach City Council next year.  Insiders believe that as many as 20 or more candidates will run for these seats.

Some of the names that are already out there include blogger and City Commissioner Joe Shaw and past Congressional candidate Dan Kalmick.  Both are Democrats.  I don’t know what Republicans might be running but there is a Libertarian candidate who I think has a great chance at winning.  That would be Ocean View School Board President Norm Westwell.

Westwell, a local business owner, has been in the news a lot over the past few years.  Earlier this month Westwell led the charge against red light cameras in Huntington Beach – and he won!  The H.B. Chief of Police opted out of that program.

Westwell was quoted in various newspapers, including the L.A. Times, ““I call them scam-ras” said Ocean View School Board President Norm Westwell. The cameras, he said, only “photograph the ending results of [an] accident.”

Earlier this year, in April, Westwell led the charge against the construction of a cell phone tower near a playground.  He blasted the H.B.  City Council because they failed to notify residents and the school district about the tower.  You can read about that scandal by clicking here.

Last year, after the November elections, Westwell was featured in the O.C. Register, in a story about how he collects old campaign signs and recycles them for his campaigns.  What a great idea!

Westwell already has a campaign website and a slew of endorsements which you can read at this link.  They include:

Westwell has laid the foundation for a successful city council campaign.  He has my endorsement and I wish him sucess in his race.  I think he will win easily.

I also support Shaw and Kalmick and I hope they do run.

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