KFC’s new grilled chicken is flavored with beef!

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Pity KFC.  “The marinade on the chain’s new grilled chicken contains beef powder and rendered beef fat. And competitor El Pollo Loco wants you to know every finger-licking detail,” according to the L.A. Times.

What were the folks at Kentucky FRIED Chicken thinking?  This is one of those marketing mistakes that sinks companies!

The irony is that here in Orange County, Pollo Loco doesn’t make the best grilled chicken.  There are plenty of local chains that are better, including my personal favorite, El Pollo Norteno.  Click here for a list of their locations.

To make matters worse, it turns out that KFC doesn’t even grill their beef-flavored grilled chicken!  They use “grill racks inside ovens” that, combined with the spices and the cooking process, replicated “grilled chicken that tastes” as good as “what comes off the backyard grill,” according to a KFC spokeshole.

Which grilled chicken in the O.C. is your favorite?  It surely can’t be KFC’s bogus beef-flavored pollo!

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