I will hereby abstain from commenting for the rest of the summer.

*authors note: (a little way to get around the “no comment” commitment.)
1. i wont comment, but I will continue to post. sorry if that was unclear.
2. currently, more people welcome sharia law than think obama was talking about “landmass”.

That’s it. My time is more precious than arguing with the demented. I post a story about an outrageous statement and the first three comments against it simply cry “hater” and “racist”! There isnt any real discussion going on. Nobody will address what was said. They just want to declare the intentions of their opponents.

I had a phone call with Art, and it went something like this:
Me: “I put up a story about something outrageous that was said and all you did cry “haters!”
Pedroza:”Thats because Republicans are haters. What he said was true.”
Me:”How can you say that?!!!”
Pedroza:”He said “the US is one of the largest muslim nations in the world.” Thats true, in landmass…

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