Grand Opening finally arrives as Mission Viejo opens the Crown Valley Parkway “art gallery”

As the Mission Viejo city staff and council majority look for ways to promote our city, including changing our logo and “handle,” we have decided to open a unique art gallery right in the heart of the city.  Or should I say right in the middle of 55 MPH traffic along Crown Valley Parkway.

As you read this story, let me remind you that we are the safest city in the nation and have just increased our OCSD Contract to retain that prestigious honor.

You see we have created the Mission Viejo Parkway Gallery that will contain changeable art to be mounted on the pilasters along Crown Valley Parkway. This will become the first “Parkway Gallery” in Orange County (if you ignore the art work on several of our freeway walls that was paid for by Caltrans).

As a long time supporter of public safety you should notice I have yet to discuss the cost which may be partially picked up by our city.

So when you next drive along Crown Valley Parkway from Interstate 5 be sure to bring your camera and look for a place to stop in the middle of traffic to take photos as these contemporary changeable art pieces will be rotated.

The good news is that when you are rear ended, our expanded trauma center, better known as Mission Hospital, will be right around the corner to tend to your emergency medical needs. Great planning, again!

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